ana mata

seleção de trabalhos

Com curadoria Ana Carolina Rodrigues
the moving north | a primavera vem do norte,
exposição do colectivo humor líquido:

anabela mota, ana mata, catarina domingues,
marta castelo, nádia duvall, sara belo e teresa projecto
no Maxilla Space, London

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The moving north conveys an image of movement which is present at the core of immobility, a paradox that is articulated by the images and objects we have gathered from the following idea: spring comes from the north.

We propose the vision of a particular atmospheric state, an association of temperaments present both in nature and in human emotions, so often indefinable, strange, paradoxical. The vision we propose, born out of this liquid humor, is based on the need to express the melancholy, but also the fecundity, of that which is ambiguous. We chase an agitation, the arousing of something growing beneath the cold frost of winter, the commotion of spring.

The moving north is an installation of painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography proposed by the artistic collective humor líquido for Maxillaspace, London, and curated by Ana Carolina Rodrigues.

Duas pequenas pinturas e vídeo,
flame|fiction, com catarina domingues